– What am I gonna do?

– It’s not the end. It’s a fresh start.

– If I don’t go to that office everyday, who am I?

If you have watched “Mad Men” you may have recognized these lines. After an embarrassing moment of urinating in his pants, Freddy Rumsen spends a night out with his two colleagues only to find out that he has to take a leave of absence from work. And those are his “words of confusion”. If that’s not me, then who am I?

Many people never face such a question in their lifetime. They always know or appear to know who they are. And they are lucky enough that no accident or unfortunate “Act of God” shakes the foundation of their built-up identity.

On the other side, there are others that go through an “intentional de-familiarization process”. They mess around with the conventional and at some point do the same with their own “IDENTITY”, most of the times, totally unaware of the risks! Playing with the fire!


This is the moment that you are on the edge of your life: If you choose “to be”, what to be? And do I have the power or even credibility to say who I am? What is that ultimate element that I can easily and with no fear replace the “me” I had right yesterday, right a moment ago?