Plato’s Allegory of the Cave by Jan Saenredam

We all have pictures of the reality in our mind. The reality we perceive through our experiences, learnings, family and cultural environments, etc. The lights and scents and touches are all transformed into images, and quite artistic ones sometimes, that surprisingly shape our behavior, our attitudes to life and our feelings of hope, sadness, gratitude. Through those subtle mental images we interpret success or failure. Yes, they are very subtle and very difficult to notice their existence because they are so harmonically infused with “us”.

In my experience it is essential to notice those images and have a critical view of them and change them intentionally.

One of the most important images in my experience was the image of “me in the process of life!” The basic existential image that we all have. To find it, think about the question “how old are you?”, the image usually pops up right then, i.e. when you think about the answer.

Another image is the image you got of your life plans. They can be very subtly and blurry or very clear. try to track them in your mind.

Images of your partners, your house, your lonely times, your bed time, etc. Believe it or not there is an image in the back of your head that forms your “emotional package” and most of the time your decisions. Images can be really central to your life and destiny. Yes! your destiny, those parts of your life you cannot say how they happened, why you did what you did, and how you decided to take one road to the other, are usually destined to happen by your Mental Images.

Track them and try to draw them. Use the exact colors, motions, even blurry parts. They tell a lot about the problems. They tell a lot about what you need to learn, what facts are there that you know but you haven’t implemented in those images?  If these all sound very abstract to you, just give it a try:

If you are a little bit artistic, an afternoon of calm and quiet, a cup of your favorite beverage, a nice sketch book, a pencil, an eraser, color pencils(preferably and artist box type). Otherwise just a piece of paper and a pen!

Take the journey into your mind.